Thursday, February 9, 2012

Warning: Cat people click away

I like cats.

Or, I think I like cats. It's difficult to tell...right now, cause my judgement of them is being strongly colored by my extreme annoyance with the little ball of fur that covers everything in our apartment in long white hairs.

The cat. It has a name, but I don't condescend to use it. "Cat" or just "the cat" does fine. And sometimes "Heeeey, HEY! NO! Stupid thing..."

Don't be seduced by apparent kitty cuteness.

I try to be fair, though, you know. Cat pros and cons:


Seeing kitty poo every time I go to the bathroom.

Kitty litter under my feet in the bathroom constantly.

Fighting the urge to tell my apartmentmate to clean up after it constantly.

Finding cat hair in my food.

Keeping the door to our room shut constantly.

Gagging at canned cat food smell.

Losing half our plant, which apparently looks like catnip.

Stumbling out into the living room at 2AM to search under the coach for that dang noisy ball.


Bonding with roommate over how much we hate the cat.


  1. Yeah. Sympathize with the plant thing. Anything green is toast. You know, you can buy stuff to keep cats away from plants. Sprays.

    Pretend the cat hair in your food is extra protein.

    Cats make good mini heaters on cold days.
    Posting pictures of cuteness on blogs. Cat owners love it (at least I do).

    Maybe you can convince your roommate to use dry food? It doesn't smell nearly as much.

    1. The cat doesn't like us! So we can't even pet or cuddle it. No mini heater.