Thursday, September 15, 2011

Planz about me me me

I'm currently in a resume writing, job applying, completely unsure of my future stage of my life.

It is two parts exciting, one part terrifying.

With just a touch of drudgery and a smidge of "How much easier would it be to live in my parents' basement forever?" (What? Smidge is totally a word! Spell-check, we cannot be friends.)

I'm currently trying to drink mint tea with honey and milk. Bad decision.

For a second I was trying to think of some kind of bad decision metaphor involving my life and tea, to justify my telling you that, but I gave up. Giving up. That could be a metaphor too.

But, ahem... anyway....

I know I told this blog once upon a time, here, that I was searching for grad schools. That has changed. Obviously.

And the reason for that is that I want to go back to South America... soonish.

This might be an excellent time to be very poetic about the golden-hearted intentions behind that statement, how much I was touched by the people over there, how much good can be done/found in developing countries ....

But the prosaic truth of the matter is, I just liked it.

I was touched by many people. And annoyed by others. I maybe did some good. And had some good done to me. But I'm not entirely sure that the balance on all that came out any more than it does in the states....

Mostly, I just liked it.

I like who I was when I was in Lima. I like the revelation/frustration that is intercultural interaction. I like really getting to know a place, specifically a city, that's so different.

Or, ya know, most of the time I liked it. Some of the time. Enough of the time.

And that's pretty much my motivation.

But first, I'm hoping to graduate in December, get a job around the Boston area for a little while, and be around in the spring when the rest of my class graduates. And then hopefully go elsewhere (Santiago? Buenos Aires?) somehow for a year or two, and afterwards maybe come back for grad school.

Well, that's the tentative plan for the moment anyway. This will probably/definitely change before all of that happens in that exact order. But plans are made to be broken.

I leave you with that very deep cliche. And that picture above which I've definitely used before.


  1. Quito. You want to go to Quito. No, better, Cuenca. Yes.

    Wherever you wind up in SA... good decision. And I'm totally saying that because I'm being an encouraging and loving sister, not because I want to go back.

  2. I am in the exact same place right now. Planning How To Return To South America (i think of this goal in all caps) trumps getting homework done, going to the gym, and generally being a useful person. Let me know any leads you have...I would love to teach English to kids again, but most of what I find is for university students.

  3. Marie: I knew you'd be in support of that decision!

    Mary Ellen: Let me know if you find any great opportunities!

  4. This is what you want, I think:


  5. Oh Dani, hundreds of miles separate us but you still managed to articulate what I've been trying to say. I want to keep travelling. And just because I liked it :)