Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another trophy for my mantel

Yay me! I am glad to inform you all that I have just been given the Stylish Blogger Award by a lovely blogger named Cat, from Musings and Confessions of a Wandering Mind. (Ok, presumably her name isn't really Cat, but her screenname is caterpillar, so that's what I call her. She could be Michelle Obama for all I know.) She writes things that are fun and creative, with more thought put into them than I probably ever will put into mine. So go visit her.

And before you skip the rest of this, I'm gonna remind you about the GIVEAWAY going on that you should enter by following and posting over here (do all caps get your attention? or are they just obnoxious?)

You see how I just epitomize style?

Alright, the first part of this deal is that I write 7 random facts about myself. I cheated you all out of that part last time, so it's only fair that I grudgingly comply. But if I turn out to be way more boring than you expected, you can only blame yourself.

7 facts:

1) I like to put milk on cakes and muffins and other baked goods and mash them up until they make kind of a soggy, soupy dessert thing. I have been mocked.

2) My room in PA home is pretty much as dark as a tomb, so everywhere I go I have a tendency to keep shades down and doors shut. People walk in and say, "Don't you ever open this?" And I say, "Huh. I forget I can."

3) The only sports movie I've ever really loved is Remember the Titans. Denzel on that field barking at those guys? Yum.

4) I've read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott probably about 7 times. I confuse it with real life sometimes...

5) I have no internal compass. Wherever I'm driving, I'm always going forward.

6) Also in my room in PA home I still have all my posters up of little puppies and piggies that I bought in middle school book fairs. Call it whimsy.

7) I lead the hymns at church this morning. You know, pitch pipe, conducting, acapella, the whole deal. It went well.

So folks, that's all you get. And I'm already feeling like you know too much about me for your own good.

The other part of this is that I pass it on to 15 other bloggers. But I think I'm going to veto that. (I'm always so respectful of the rules of these things. See if anyone gives me anything ever again.) not because I don't know that many bloggers that I could name, but because if I did I know that you would never click on all of them and it wouldn't really do anyone good in the end. (Have I overthought this?)

So here we go, as many people as I feel like, that I didn't name last time, and haven't received this from someone else to my knowledge

Stylish Bloggers

Holly from Travelling Due West who is honestly such a fantastic writer that I get insanely jealous ever time I read her funny, clever blog. (But then, I think she might sorta do it for a living, so do I get points for being an amateur?)

Katie from Best of Fates who is seriously a comic genius. I get about 10x more laughs from reading her blog than from watching SNL. (Fact #8. I think SNL's a huge bore. Which shouldn't diminish that last comment.)

Christy from 25 before 25 who has a really cool thing going where she has a list of a bunch of things she wants to read, cook, visit, etc. before 25. It's awesome. She also helped me out when I was fishing for ideas of what to do in NYC.

Naomi from Hippo Birdies who has some explaining to do about the name of her blog. But even so her posts are fun and unpredictable and always make me think "I know exactly what you mean!"

Amy from My Didn't Happeners who's a reader and a great writer and right now is raising money for a charity in the UK called the NSPCC (which is against child abuse. I had to look it up) with something called the 18before18 challenge. A better person than me.

And finally....

Bridget from tales of me and the husband. I put this one on here simply because I think you guys should check it out. There's no other blog which "stylish" describes so well (in a very profound, non-pageant kind of way) She is the first blog that I started reading, got me to start thinking of doing it myself, and has since even helped me a bit....which should give you an idea of how fabulous she is. Definitely go. Right now. (Are you still here?)

Tah tah, Dahling.

P.S. I won't be offended if anyone graciously accepts and declines to do a post about it. We cool.


  1. I laughed when I read about the no internal compass thing, cuz I always think I have this great internal compass.....but I remember the day I tried to tell you that I knew how to find Melvin and Marion's office.....and we wandered around campus for 20+ minutes...."i'm pretty sure it's in this direction" hahahaha

  2. Congrats on the award! I'm trying to imagine your soggy, soupy dessert thing and it looks quite disgusting in my head. I think I'll be thinking about this dessert all day long today =)

  3. You is stylin', so the award is well-deserved.

    AWWWW! You mentioned me in your list of bloggers! When it comes to my writing, I'd like to say that I'm beyond needing/ liking/ desperately craving the approval of others, but, let's face it, I am totally going all SallyField in my head right now. "You like me! You really, really LIKE me!!" Especially because the admiration is mutual.

  4. Congrats FM! Much deserved. (I like your Good Reads list, by the way.)

  5. I started reading this post and was already planning my comment mentally, "Dani! Look at all the awards you've been getting! I can easily see why though, you truly deserve them.
    Then I stumbled upon my name and felt truly humbled and thankful and it was a moment of sheer joy - revel in the knowledge that you alone were entirely responsible for the happiness, however temperamental, of another human being. Thank you very much for the honour.

  6. Congrats on the award and thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for passing it on to me!! As always, your post was clever and had me laughing!
    As for my blog name....
    Instead of wishing us a "happy birthday," my dad always says "hippo birdies to ewe." I'm not sure what inspired him or why it started, but every year he has always said this on my birthday! I gave my blog its name after this silly, quirky phrase and as a reminder that each day (just like each birthday) is a new day to celebrate life.
    Again, THANK YOU!!!! : )

  7. Congrats on the award and congrats on leading the choir! I didn't know you were so musically talented. Very cool.

  8. hey! deserve it :) totally relate to you about "Remember the Titans." LOVE. IT. :D

  9. girl! thanks for the shout out! i am honored!

  10. Milk on cakes muffins and other baked learned well from your Pop Pop. I can remember trying to like baked things soggy with milk, but never could. Pop Pop too put milk on the same stuff you do. One treat I do remember liking as a girl was baked apple pie with milk. On occasion that would be our pie with double crust eaten hot with milk. Yummy!!