Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh for the snowy days of my youth!

When you grow up in a state that gets snow on a regular basis, I think there often comes an age of indifference. Probably not to the beauty, and definitely not to the inconvenience, but more specifically to the fun of snow.

It's been a good nine years or so since my reaction to a snowstorm was "Oh boy! Let's go outside and build a fort!" Now I sound more like, "How fairytale-like it is outside the window! Hot chocolate and a movie/book please."

But in this latest snow in MA (which I'm very happily still in at the moment) I got in a good winter frolic. And even better, as a group of us were attempting some sledding down a semi-hill:

a woman in an SUV pulled up and said that she was an alum of the college we go to, had a house right up here with hot chocolate in it, and would be very happy for us to come play in her backyard.

Would you even think to make such a kind gesture? Not me. Feeling like a real part of the community, we took her up on the offer and so had a lovely romp with her playset, children, and dogs.

The kids reminded me of the days when "Watch me jump off this swingset into the snow!" sounded like a good idea.

And she even made good on the hot chocolate.


  1. man, I've only had to live in snowy conditions for 3 weeks of my life and I already found so much inconvenience in that. Wonder how it's like to actually LIVE in snow for many months straight. =/

  2. That's awesome that she did that for you! I'm currently getting a little tired of the snow we keep getting out here in the midwest.

  3. how cute!! I know exactly what you mean....I almost never play in the snow any more. Maybe I should do that again...

  4. I love the snow but I've never actually seen it apart from at the mountains and I think that if did snow where I lived I'd probably hate it and spend all my day in bed with the heater on max or maybe I would make a fort and through snowballs at random people in the street (okay, so maybe not random people but to my friends I sure would).
    And that was so nice of that woman to do that, I bet it made her day just to watch you have fun.

  5. Looks like you had a ton of fun! I love winter play.... but I think "romp" means something different where I grew up. But that happens to us a lot doesn't it?

  6. You better get all your snowy romps (old fashioned definition of "romp", thank you) in now. I hear they are hard to come by in Peru.