Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guest Blogger: Trish on prunes and Uggs

First off- hello!

Was that too formal?

My name is Trish (from Life from a college kid), and the lovely Dani has asked me to present a guest blog. Her and I discussed options of what to write about, one of which being prunes:

We always have a bottle of prune juice in the fridge at home which is only consumed by my father. Every morning he walks (stumbles sleepily) down the stairs, slugs over to the fridge, and flings the door open. After standing mindlessly in the cold air for a few minutes, he grabs the bottle of prune juice, twists off the top, and takes a long swig straight from the bottle. It annoys me every time he does it, because I NEVER drink out of the bottles. But then I remember that it’s prune juice, and then I’m not annoyed anymore.

The End

Yes, I too realized that an entry on prunes would be a terribly short entry. And posting this story would probably embarrass my father.

You never heard this story, got it?

So I decided to post about something more.. in the moment. Actually, something that got to me today in class. As Dani has figured out through intensive studying (otherwise known as stalking), I attend Penn State University. It’s a wild place to be, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Topic: Ugg’s

I do not own a pair of Ugg’s, because I personally do not find them attractive. They are bulky and boxy and Ugg-ly. (Get it? Did you get that joke? It’s okay if you didn’t, it was pretty well blended.) Anyway. Ugg’s are very popular up here in the mountains of Pennsylvania, because it does get very cold, and from what I have heard, Ugg’s are very warm. However, I have also heard that Ugg’s are very expensive. For someone who can’t pay more than $30 for a pair of shoes, the outrageous average price of $200 for a pair of weird looking boots is just baffling. (After a bit of research, I also now know that Ugg’s are one of Oprahs favorite things of 2010.)

Now, if I were to pay this much for a pair of shoes, I would try to keep them as nice as possible.


Lesson 1: Suede + Snow/Sleet/Rain/Slush/ALCOHOL= NOT AN ATTRACTIVE PAIR OF SHOES.

Today as I sat in my Media and Democracy class (and while I wasn’t staring at the incredibly-attractive-second-year-law-student guest speaker), I noticed the overwhelming amount of Ugg’s- Ugg’s stained with sidewalk salt lines, Ugg’s drenched with water, Ugg’s caked with mud. My favorite pair (and hence the “alcohol” portion of the above mathematic formula) were the Ugg’s with a very obvious red wine stain all over the toe.

Ohh. How quaint.

I guess I just don’t understand why people don’t take care of expensive things. If you are going to spend $200 for a pair of boots, make them last- or else donate that $200 to giving shoes to people that don’t have any.

When I mention that to the girls in the Ugg’s that have sharpie marker drawings from clever drunkards, they laugh and say, “Trish, you are a riot- people without any shoes!! WHERE do you come up with this stuff? Ha-ha!!"


  1. TRISH I loved this post!!

    I, like you, have always been fascinated with everyone's obsession for possibly the UGGliest shoe ever known to woman kind. I mean really.

    Then you add in the part about the Penn State girls rocking their UGGS with wine staines, oh snaparoo. I think I would die if I was in your situation. At least you had a cute law student to look over during class ;)

  2. Well Dani, thanks for having Trish guest post! I agree 100% with you... way too much $$ for and ugly boot that doesn't hold up that well. My guess is that parents are buying them for their kids, who have net yet learned the value of a dollar.
    Also, if I were to write about prunes (which I have-in a few of my posts), I could fill a few pages. Prunes are a super, super food. A miracle worker. I have them in all forms in this house. Keep drinking your prunes, Dad.
    Nice job, Trish!

  3. I've a pair of uggs but I didn't choose the usual-style ones. Mine is water-proof so I don't get any stains and it has a zipper on the side. and I understand what u mean, so I don't like ALL uggs but there are some real nice uggs. u should really look into uggs cos not all of them look like the ones in the pic above. =)

  4. Couldn't agree with you more, Trish! Uggliest shoes ever.
    And the girls around here have taken them to a whole new level of uggly. I live just outside Memphis, TN, so it doesn't get very cold around here. That said, I've seen girls wearing their Uggs with tank tops and mini shorts! I mean, really???

  5. I would never wear them because they are god awful ugly, and I have no problem with my feet being comfortable and warm in any number of better looking options.