Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 things you didn't want to know about me

In lieu of those 10 interesting facts for the "Honest Scrap" thing:

1. I still know every word of the Backstreet Boys Millennium album, though I haven't listened to it in years. Oh, can you still sing the chorus of
I Want it That Way? Pull the first verse of "Spanish Eyes" out of thin air and then we'll talk. "Here we are in the arms of one another. Yet we still go on searching for each other."
No, I didn't look those up, but I did check them after I wrote them to make sure I didn't make a fool of myself. On a related note, did BB's lyrics ever make any sense?

2. I get nervous walking through any kind of detection meter. Airport, department store, library: What if I accidentally took a book? What if someone sneaked a book into my bag? Do I have any enemies? (did you know snuck isn't a word? me neither)

3. I will do almost anything for the cupcake above, Starbuck's Vanilla Bean. Even pay the $2.25 they charge. Obviously when the thing was in front of me I couldn't wait to take a picture before eating.

We belong together.
I appreciate you tactfully not mentioning my classy chipping nail polish.

These text settings and I are currently in full out war. In case you find yourself in the crossfire, they started it.


  1. oh my - that certainly looks good! I know lots of the Beach Boys words to their me a bit!!!

    My ex- husband has his name on the library book detection system patent at 3M...just saying. We had lots of the displays (where they are hidden) in our home back in the 70's.

    I fought with the margins an spacing on my blog today and not feeing good, the air was a bit blue.


  2. Cake looks yummy...can't blame you....nice to know these things about you... :)

  3. I would agree about the cupcake...YUM! Now I'm going to have to go to Starbucks tomorrow : )

  4. Bonnie: I know quite a few Beach Boys lyrics myself. And what is happening with these blogs??

    Cat: I'm glad you like these tidbits, cause that's about as interesting as I get.

    LadyCat: They should pay me for this advertising!

  5. Cupcakes...yes, you really do have your priorities right! I mean, cupcakes rule the world! :D

  6. BB's lyrics never made any sense. I always had the feeling they took out some nice words from the dictionary and just strung it together. Still I liked them. My personal favorite is 'Show me the meaning'.

    Detection meter.. Most of the time I'm afraid that my bra would make the noise.. Crap!

  7. Mmm, cupcake. I especially love blueberry cupcakes. And did you know that 'Awesomnatum' also isn't a word? (just to add a few more to the not-a-word list).

    Thanks heeps for the mention! xx

  8. I am the same way about detectors! Haha and I thought snuck was a word.
    And I am the same way. I always buy cupcakes from starbucks even though it is ridiculous haha

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  9. I get nervous walking throuh any kind of detector as well...what is with that?

  10. BB's lyrics never made sense... and shamefully I can sing the chorus to "I want it that way."

    Snuck is in my laptop dictionary... and if it wasn't I'd still say it. I mean honestly, if "ain't" is there, then "snuck" should be too.

    Also, I thought you should know that I plan on going to Starbuck's to get a cookie tomorrow... just like the good old days in Lima... lol

  11. duuuuude,

    I'm number 2 as well!!!!! I GET SUPER DUPER NERVOUS. I know I'm darn innocent but what IF ya know??

  12. MFG: Oh, I'm all about priorities baby...

    RunBri: "Show me the meaning" if I recall right, was the most nonsensical of them all. Nice choice:)

    Be: I had no idea that that wasn't a word...

    Chelsea: They are irresistible!

    Caroline: fear controls us.

    Nate: There is no cookies in Starbucks in PA that I've seen! Maybe they're too common?

    RS: I know. What if someone's trying to set you up by putting a library book in your bag?

  13. Ha! Now that's funny I'd do anything for a cupcake, too. And the paranoia - I got that down.

  14. So Dani, the other day I went to starbucks and I saw a Vanilla Bean cupcake and thought of you....and I bought it just because you had recommended it.....and I wasn't's way too sweet for me - like a dessert that belongs in Peru...hahaha

  15. Oh noes! Hmm... well as you know I was very opposed to the sweetness of their desserts and still absolutely adore this cupcake. Maybe they're different out there? Or maybe you're just even more picky than me?