Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Real estate wonderings

These apartments apparently exist somewhere in Boston.

I wouldn't know. They look like they would be waaaay out of my budget.

Or rather, our budget. I'm currently on the hunt for an apartment for myself and a friend next semester.

But I'm a real estate amateur. There's a lot I don't understand.

Like, what does it mean when there's no picture of a place that otherwise seems perfect? Ceilings that aren't really 10 foot? Neon orange shag carpeting? Recent fire from the meth lab?

Or just, ya know, some lovely little old lady who simply didn't own a camera because they just have so many doggone buttons nowadays and ach, who can figure out how to work those contraptions?


  1. If the real estate market in MA is anything like the one in FL you can probably find some sweet deals. Though real estate in FL has been harder hit than the rest of the country, except for probably CA.

    The pictures don't really matter since you should go and check out the surrounding neighborhood and the actual apartment before you buy anyway. Though it would give you somewhat of an idea if you liked it or or not and possibly save you a trip and help you narrow your search.