Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pumpkin-tasting memories

Around our house, the dessert my nana was always most famous for was crustless pumpkin-cheese pie. The crustless came about because as kids, we never wanted to eat anything but the center. At the time, I thought Nana was really going out of her way to make the pie in the special way, without crust, for us. It wasn't until I was much older that it occurred to me...

It also later occurred to me that: Pumpkin cheese pie - crust = not really pie. But who are we anyway, Webster's?

My brother and his friend apparently tried their hand at the pie in her honor earlier this week in Pennsylvania, and tonight it was Kara and I's turn to try it in Lima. (But admittedly with a significant amount of ingredients that immigrated from Pennsylvania.)

Pouring and stirring all at once.
It seemed impressive at the time.

This is my, "Quick take the picture before this spills!" face.
Okay, so we went with the crusty version.

Leftover batter is meant to be eaten.

We thought it might taste like a pumpkin milkshake.

But ended up down the drain.

I don't trust people who don't make messes when they bake.

We bought milk to drink with it.

And toasted my nana.
As we enjoyed a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls!

It was delicious.

Not exactly like Nana used to make it, but maybe it's better that way anyway,

Thanks for the recipe and the family tradition, Nana. We'll miss your desserts, though not as much as we miss you.


  1. What a lovely post! I'd never even heard of this pie before put I'm dying to try it out now.

  2. @Stocker: it's not a pie X-D I always thought it was a sort of custard...
    Danielle, why don't you post the recipe for the rest of the poor deprived world? :-)