Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Turning down my 15 minutes of fame

OMG, isn't it like, so annoying when people like, stop you cooonstantly on the street and are like "OMG, are you a model?" Its like, seriously people, should I be annoyed right outside my own house just because of these great looks and perfect hair!!? Right? Like, you know?

Like this guy today on my street, who was like, "Do you do commercials?" and I was all like, "What? Commercials?" So then he goes, "I know this place where they pay you 600 dollars for commercials." And I thought Commercials? This bod is waaay too hot to sell insurance. So I was like "No," and I just started to walk away. And he was all yelling after me to give me the address and I was all "No, thank you" and sorta whatever.

I knew that sexy face would come in handy again. Huh. Same sweater too.

Only real, high-fashion modeling gigs are worth my time. Thank you.

Actually, I just listened to a podcast on scams, so I was on the lookout for people who were offering something for nothing. Also my, "You only want me because I'm white" radar is never off.

I'll leave it to you smart ducklings to figure out which parts of this are true.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You kill me...this post is hilarious!! You may be white...but I think you are pretty as well!! :) Happy Wednesday

  2. You can't cheat an honest girl ;-)


  3. :)) You are white-hawt. Combine that with those fab boots, and I can understand why people would be trying to recruit you.

    Tyra would comment on your first photo that your eyes need to sell it more. They're more "WAHwahwah" and they need to be more "wahWAHwah". And your mouth says "grrrr", but it needs to be more "grrRR".

    I find modelspeak so confusing.

  4. Caroline: Aww, you're so sweet!

    Marie: Exactly!

    Holly: I was all like "nuhUH" and he was all like "whaWHAA??!"