Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The shoe envy of the house

Boot season is in! Yes, while reliable sources tell me that it's getting sunnier and warmer in the northern hemisphere, down here I'm afraid Lima is once again passing into its cloudy all the time, shivering in the shower, curse the lack of temperature regulation, season.

I have not actually pulled out the fingerless gloves that were my best friends last year. Did I even bring them?

The consolation prize is that I can now justify stuffing those winter clothing into my overweight suitcases.

My boots aren't exactly the style here. They're pretty big into the heels in Lima, I think in Latin America in general, and so you're more likely to see boots on wedges or heels than not. Maybe because no one in Lima ever has any actual weather-related reason to wear boots. I prefer mine chatas, definitely. They're snow-bound, after all.

Which is why I was a little surprised about the compliments from my host mom this afternoon:

HM, looking admiringly at my feet: I like those boots! I like the color.

Me: Thanks, me too! People here often wear them with heels, but I prefer them flat.

HM: Me too. What size are you?

Me: Umm...well I'm not sure in Peruvian sizes, but 6 1/2 in American.

HM: Oh, I'm about a 38 in size here, so I think that's more or less the same.

Me: Oh, hmm.

Awkward pause.

HM, still eying the boots: So you know, if you don't want them when you go, you can sell them to me.

Me, laughing: Oh yeah. Haha. Well I think I'll be taking them.

HM: But you could buy another pair just like it when you get back!

Me, realizing she's actually serious: Oh. No, these were actually very difficult to find!

HM, still looking wistfully at my feet: Oh...they were difficult to find...

Nice try lady! I'm picky about my shoes. My Mom and I walked around the freezing outdoor mall for hours solely to find these. Ain't no way I'm leaving without them.

Hmm...I think this makes me sound a little jerky. Now I'm feeling guilty. Should I be feeling guilty for not selling her my precious boots?


  1. First, it's so weird to think that is starting to get warm here and the opposite is occuring for you.

    Second, it's weird people there haven't experienced boots like yours before.

    Third, keep rocking the boots girl and don't give them up!! I know how hard it is to find a decent pair these days :)

  2. Dont feel guilty, its very hard to find good pair of shoes and it was a little creepy she wanted to wear used shoes....

  3. Don't feel too bad. A 38 would not fit in a 6 1/2...I wear a 10 and a 40. Slash don't feel bad anyway ... wanting to keep your shoes is legitimate ;)

    And on the weather...I've broken out the fleeces, started searching for indoor study places and think wistfully about sunshine. I too now feel justified for packing as many sweaters as I did :)