Monday, May 16, 2011

Where's the clowns and whimsy?

I've mentioned at least once here that I'm not really a frequenter of the whole party scene. But this weekend I went out not one, but two nights in a row. To places with dancing and alcohol, not just popcorn and pajama pants. Are you impressed?

So obviously after that long, intense study on the practice of festejando, I'm an expert.

Now the sage shall share her new found wisdom with you:

1. Drunk people are funny.

2. Drunk people are stupid.

3. Sometimes, drunk boys/overly-eager boys need to be ditched. Apparently, the rules of etiquette are somewhat suspended in large parties of people you don't know, and you need not feel rude when taking off for "more drinks" or "a trip to the bathroom" and never coming back. I probably still will, but you shouldn't.

4. Drinking at parties is a delicate balance. Shoot for somewhere between this-whole-event-looks-really-ridiculous and everything-here-looks-wonderful-if-slightly-topsy-turvy. Or, that's what I imagine that extreme end looks like. I've never really been drunk-drunk, so who knows? It might be transcendent clarity. But based on #2...

5. Though the invite decidedly does not specify, apparently any large event in Peru that starts after 9 is more of a 4-inch heel, skanky dress thing than a boots, comfy blue jeans thing. Even if it's in a field. Although, my boots ended up being quite the commodity by the end of night. And really, even if I had known...

6."Circus party" need not imply that there will be anything very circus-like about the party, apparently. We need to tighten up the regulations on event nomenclature.

Yes, I did spill my drink on myself. How rude of you to mention it!

For about an hour or so after midnight they were releasing steam into the air until you could barely see. Do they do this at circuses these days?


  1. Your posts make me giggle! I hope you at least had a little bit of fun during your partying adventures!

  2. I did have a lot of fun actually!

  3. #1 through #4, I have a handle on. #5a - Good to know for when I visit Peru. #5b - Maybe it's more along the lines of a "This place is a freaking circus! Let's go!" party? I'm not sure. And I'm really confused about the steam. Was it a fog machine gone bad, or was it meant to actually be steam?

    Well the point was to have fun and it looks and sounds like you did. Way to represent!