Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#1.Things are bigger here

How I knew I was in the states:

2. The "how to" video at customs in Houston was dripping with political correctness. Smile. Okay, I liked it.

3. I drank clean, cold, free water from a water fountain in the airport hallway.

4. I bought my first bagel in the airport food court. For three dollars.

5. The woman calling out standby passengers' names mispronounced mine "Geeman"instead of "Hehman."

How I knew I was in Texas:

1. Half of the airplane television channels on my free preview were religious. (Faithful workout!)
Is this really a Texas thing? I feel like it must be.

How I knew I was home:

1. My lovely, real, mother bought me roses to welcome me home.

2. No one doled out, watched, or even cared about my portion size at dinner last night.

3. We have skim, not evaporated, milk.

4. I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Definitely summer.


  1. Nice :) I bought a bagel at the airport too. And enjoyed some water and milk. I could go for a nice balance between Lima winter and this hot summer though. I'll take the sun and short sleeves, but also the jeans and not-stiflingness.

  2. YAY!! You're back! I thought I felt a shift in the Force...

    Peru's loss is our gain.