Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Leave? Who's leaving?

I feel like every time I leave my house I'm faced with another potential "last."

The last time I drive along my dear green Malecon in Miraflores.

The last time I glimpse the lit up cross in Callao across the bay.

The last time I watch drunk American students make merry at a house party.

The last time I walk through the park with the George Washington statue.

The last time I laugh with the program directors.

The last time I stand on the roof at church and look over to the Interbank lights.

The last time I explain why we don't use "fat" as a neutral description word to my English class.

The last time I have a class in Spanish in Peru with Peruvian students and a Peruvian professor.

The last time I see a good friend who rolls her eyes when I use "venir" instead of "ir."

The last time I'll see the newest seasonal add that Saga Falabella comes out with.

Basta ya con las "lasts!"

It doesn't quite feel quite real yet. It feels like I may wake up Sunday morning and Hermi will say, "Leave? You live here! What are you saying, leave? Drink your juice!"


  1. I remember the last time I stood and gazed at the Interbank lights... that was over 8 months ago... weird. It's hard to leave. But it gets better.

  2. You better drink it. It's the last time you'll get decent juice for a long time.

    I'm sorry. I'm sorry you have to come back and then miss it (both the good and the bad) until the end of time :(

    We'll have to get together sometime and show each other pictures (well, first we have to get together and you show me pictures) and cry.

    Then we're going to have to take a grand SA adventure and revisit Ecuador and Peru.

  3. Nate: I'm sure it does. I'm currently busy, but we must skype when I get back!

    Marie: Good plan!!

  4. You could always go back for a holiday? :)