Sunday, July 3, 2011

A post that wasn't worth the wait

You did this to me.

Wow. Has it really been that long since I've written a post? Time flies when you're tearing your hair out studying.

I'm just brimming with interesting things to say. As always.

And completely lacking time to write them in.

3 finals down, 2 finals and 3 essays to go.

Oooooh, my life.

I always study in style.


  1. Good luck with your studying. I don't have to study at the moment, but next year I'll have my HSC (trials I think, I have no idea) and I'm trying to enjoy life (aka, sleeping, gaming, reading totaly laz-i-ness) before I'll be stressing out too.

    Just on a note of randomness. Nice pants. I have a type like that, except it's blue, and fraying at the bottom because they go 3 feet longer than my legs (no joke).

  2. That top photo is worth a thousand word in a post. 'Nuf said.

    Good luck!