Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I feel the need to list good things

Exams. You get it.

1) I held a baby yesterday who was absolutely precious and who smiled like an angel every time I kissed her and pretended to eat her hand.

2) There's a blooming tree near my house that just smells divine, like a sunny field budding in spring, in the middle of a stanky grey winter.

3) I persevered through a dark period in my study process in which I felt like anything, anything had to be better then being a student in the middle of exams. And I feel good about the take-home final I wrote.

4) One of "our boys" at Starbucks, Ernesto, saw us wavering over a sandwich purchase and gave it to us for free. "Estoy encargado." (I'm in charge.)

5) This video about anxiety and stress dreams and psychopaths has just made me feel a lot better, more objective, about my own stress.

6) I helped to celebrate Rebecca's birthday yesterday!! Feliz cumple amiguita! Espero que el dia te pasara muy feliz!

Recuerdas esto?
Espero que si. Te la robe de facebook ;).

1 comment:

  1. Siii!!! Por supuesto lo recuerdo :) Gracias por venir para celebrar conmigo. Totally agree on the precious baby, by the way. I got a cute picture of you with her.