Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two truths and a lie

Which one, which one?

1. This bottle opener is on the back of a keychain for the new "informed vote" campaign...for your own especial home use while the Dry Law is in effect over the voting weekend. Because whatever's in that bottle will definitely sharpen your judgement.

2. This two different versions of the same side of the "nuevo sol." I love new coins! Although, you'd think they'd want it to resemble the old one a little more?

3. The image that they're going to use for a new gay rights campaign in Lima.... because Peruvians of course use the star rather than the heart as a symbol of love.

I like this game. I should put out a more serious edition of it some time.


  1. Ok--I think the first one is a lie. Am I right?~

  2. Haha...nope, the last! But how weird is a bottle-opener on propaganda for smart voting?

  3. lol! A star shaped "heart" would be a tough one to beat, what with all the sharp edges piercing into the nearby lungs :-)

  4. What a fun game, you should do some more seeing as I miss read it and through that it was two lies and one truth...

    P.S. I went for the coins as the truth. Who doesn't love new coins? Foreign coins at that, I have a collection :D

  5. Ahhhh I failed this epically. I thought money was a lie - that you were tricking us with two different currencies. I'm not cultured or clever haha. Fun game!

  6. Stocker: If I was trying to be tricky, that probably would have been the lie! You give me too much credit.