Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're bad at this game

Kara and I were playing this little game the other day, reminding ourselves of the all good things about going home to the states from Lima:

"I'm looking forward to eating whenever and however much I want."

"I'm looking forward to not checking for deer poop every time I sit down!"

"I'm looking forward to to not checking for dog poop every time I walk anywhere!"

"I'm looking forward to a soft bed and lots of water pressure."

"I'm looking forward to a good rainstorm."

"I'm looking forward to the sun."

"I'm looking forward to not having rice with every meal."

But a lot of our "looking forward toos" started out that way and took a turn:

Kara: I'm looking forward to blending in again in the streets.

Me: Oh, yes! Me too. I'm looking forward to not being stared at by creepy old men for speaking English while we're walking. But oh, I am going to miss speaking in the streets while no one can understand us... like our own secret language.

Kara: Yeeahh... and I'm gonna miss buying snacks and gum in the street.

Me: I'm gonna miss just living in the city and being able to walk places! I'm going back home to the woods....


Me: Hey, focus! We're talking about things we're looking forward to....

And there are things I'm looking forward too, don't get me wrong. The old college I love in a new year. The old world with new eyes.

One more semester, and then out into the big bad world! Or ya know, possibly back to my parent's house. How's the job market looking?

Hey! I see you. Don't even think about it.

K: Oh! I'm looking forward to free water in restaurants!

Me: Yes! Good one!

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  1. Free water, definitely a good one. Also normal lines in the bathroom. ;)