Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hugo causes problems

How long does your juice sit in the fridge? A week or two before it is finished?

On Friday I picked up my free sample of this:

(You can't really tell. It's pretty small. )

And on Sunday I was already getting scolded for not drinking it. Peruvian fridges are a much more delicate balance than American ones.

Oh dear, I'm afraid that's one thing that I won't be sorry about leaving in a month. I love my host family. They've been great to me.

But living on my own or with my real family, definitely preferable.

(Translation: I'm selling a scooter model 83. Oh! And try peach Hugo!)

1 comment:

  1. Usually things sit in my fridge until they grow little mold toupees or go from solid form to a liquid form (which might not be so gross if I was talking about ice, but I'm talking about bagged lettuce). Peruvian people would hate me.

    *Wasteful Consumer is ashamed.*

    I would probably buy and drink Hugo just because the art on the front of the box is hilarious. I swear my eyes have looked like that at some point, only you should substitute little swirly martini glasses.