Friday, June 24, 2011

The clumsy ballet of my mind

A million thoughts dancing around on my brain right now. Here's the one that does the best pirouettes: So. Much. Work. Must focus...can't focus....wish I was going out tonight!

Boo to Peruvians who make plans and change plans and leave me with no plans but homework on a Friday night!

This is the perpetrator:

Ha! All innocent looking. Don't believe it.

She may have had a good reason. But regardless, I'm gonna also blame her that I didn't get to go here, to the selva (jungle). Even though I might have been the one who was saving my traveling money all semester for our trip and then just kind of...didn't plan it in time.
Floating city in the Amazon. Doesn't it look awesome?

But I may forgive her when she comes to visit me in the states next winter! And we'll go here, a very different kind of city:

And I'll make sure she absolutely adores NYC and wants to move there and marry an United Statesian and see me regularly, not just on Skype.

Although that doesn't always work, cause even when I'm in the country/on the same campus I don't see this one:

Who I haven't talked to aaalll semester. I love her. And miss her.

Ooo! Another not-worth-my-time Boy Meets World episode on YouTube to procrastinate a little longer?

Yes please.

The dancing metaphor could use some work. But it's not gonna get it.

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  1. Concrete Jungle vs. Actual Jungle = surprisingly similar in many ways.