Sunday, July 10, 2011

No me digas adios!

I'm leaving Lima, Peru tonight. Laaate. At the very last moment that can technically be called "tonight." And not arriving home until like 9 PM tomorrow. Why did you bring that up? I was trying so hard not to think about my 7 hour layover in Houston.

So. I could go off on a long sappy post about what I've learned in about ten months, how much I'm gonna miss everything in Lima...yada yada yada.

But I won't. Not now.

Instead, I dedicate this post to my dear Kara, who has made this semester so much better than I'm sure it would have been otherwise, and shall henceforth be either an ocean or several states away.

I'll miss our face-to-face conversations, like these:

Kara: I wouldn’t want to be you. (When I had a bunch of essays. )

Me: I don’t want to be me either. I want to be you.

K: You don’t want to be me.

M: Why don’t I want to be you?

K: I dunno. (Pause) You’re right. My life’s pretty f***ing fantastic.

And I'll miss our long philosophical discussions (we weren't arguing, we were discussing!)

Like one we had one time about if there were intrinsically male and female qualities, which was brought up again later:

K: Ugh. Men are stupid.

M: I agree. Can that be an intrinsically male quality?

K: Yes.

M: Oh good. The only one.

But I still mean to have these conversations, which occurred via Skype:

Kara: He's a boy, not a man, that's the problem.

Me: I think "man" is a myth anyway...

Kara: Does that mean all women are pedophiles?

Me: Hahaha

Kara: Or motherly

Me: Disturbing, both of them

Kara: Except for lesbians

Me: The only truly mature relationships

Thanks, Kara dear, for putting up with me so much this semester my dear! I'll see you again when you come to visit next year. . . .

And as for you all, I'll catch you again on the other side!


  1. This may sound odd for me to say but you and Kara have the most interesting conversations! And least, when you leave, you have still have your Skype meetings and ... uh ... discusions ;)

  2. Lol, those quotes are awesome. I'll talk to you tonight! (assuming I don't get caught in the impending monsoon--stupidly rode my bike today).