Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babies masquerading as dogs

Because they are dogs. I hope I'm not offending any babies.

Peruvian dogs, in my very American opinion, leave something to be desired in the affection category. It's not their fault. They haven't been trained in the art. But never fear, I've resolved to turn our dog Sasha into an American-style cuddle puppy. (And I said I wouldn't set goals! But who believed that....)

My strategy:

1) Get her to stop barking at me and to stay next to me for more than a minute at a time. Ok, so that doesn't have much to do with American/Peruvian. But it's irritating....

2) Talk baby talk to her at every opportunity. "Whooo's a good dog? Who's a good daaawwg? Sasha is! Yeeees you aaare..." Right now she thinks I'm pretty strange when I do that.

3) Pet and cuddle her. Even though she rarely bathes, and my hands look and smell like floor after I touch her. No one else pets her very much, especially not in the same way we pet our dogs while I was growing up. (I can't decide which of those is the cause and which the effect.)

This is a selfish mission. I miss dogs who come up to you waggle their tales and wiggling their butts cause they know they're going to be petted and pampered. I miss dogs who strain at their leashes in the street because every human they see is another cuddle-machine. I miss dogs who sit next to you like an old friend as you complain about a hard day and look into your eyes like they truly understand.

Writing this post has not helped that much.

These are the dog breeds I'd currently like to have in the distant future when I have the space and money:

Basset Hound
We had these growing up...and every time I see one I have to admit that I still have a soft spot for them.
Not all at once of course!

Who am I kidding? One trip to the SPCA and I'll be taking home whichever dog looks the most pathetic.

Happy Thursday chickadees!


  1. Relevant:

  2. Marie: Laughed out loud REPEATEDLY looking at that! So true.

  3. I love Basset Hounds! They just look so funny and adorable!
    You should get a Ginuea Pig, they're apparently all the range in Peru!

  4. I used to own a Dalmation too & i used to dress him up in red

  5. How about a Robo-doodle? Half robot, half poodle.

  6. That goldendoodle is a heartbreaker. My list is crossed off of all the things I need to do before we get a dog. I love them, but I'm getting cold feet! I'm sure there will be an SPCA friend in my near future though!