Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Tube of Me: CommunityChannel

Natalie Tran is the most hilarious, honest, your-mom joke cracking, sarcastic Asian-Australian that I have ever virtually met. I've introduced her to just about all my (English-speaking) friends, and we can just sit around for hours watching old CommunityChannel videos. If you get hooked on any blog channel I'm recommending, ducklings, get hooked on this one. Now you see, if I was a better person, I'd make that "one" vlogbrothers. But oh well...

Nat (yup, that's right, we's got our own little nicknames for each other. What now?) does scenes from her own life in which she generally plays all the parts, in different clothing, of course. I'm always amazed at how she can take odd, everyday situations and turn them into hilarity. Kinda reminds me of Seinfeld in that way. Warning: She can get a little dirty, friends, so you're prepared. But it's worth it, heh.

I chose this particular one because I can totally relate to it. Remembering directions= me getting hopelessly lost. Also, my friends in Peru all think I'm incredibly strange for using Google Maps so much. But it gets me there, so they really should be grateful.

I also recommend: The We Just Touched Awkwardly Song(LOVE) Too soon? (that one may require you remembering some current events from a couple years ago) No, YOU'RE so pretty ; Bending at the knees for love; and couples who make out around you.

There's so many more. How does one choose between so much greatness?

P.S. We're making progress with Sasha. She's starting to love me. Stay tuned.


  1. Funny video. I wish I had an exotic accent! I completely rely on google maps, but yet refuse to use a GPS. My husband thinks that's strange.

  2. Becca: Well, I don't know how really exotic and Australian accent is :) but take it from someone who's the one with the exotic accent here, it ain't quite as glamorous as it looks.