Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm like that chick from Enchanted

Once upon today, I was sitting here:

Dutifully doing this:

When came wandering up a friendly woodland creature: Deer #9.

We chitchatted about the my astonishing lack of food suitable for woodland creatures.

And then snapped a picture to celebrate becoming new bffs.

And then deer #9 wandered off in search of other life-long friends.

I hope the next one has an apple for you, dearest #9!


  1. omg! dont tell me that deer is un-domesticated??? O.O

    I'm not scared of animals but I'd probably be startled if a deer popped out of nowhere!!!

  2. Aw! :D I miss coming to your blog. I've been awfully horrible at it because of school! :D You still crack me up and that is adorable! I would love for a deer to come up to me. <3

  3. What an adorable, funny (in a good way) animal. I wish one would come over too me, it's too bad that instead of deers we have Kangaroos and the only time they come up to you is if they're intending on a not-so-friendly hello (if you know what I mean..)

  4. RS: Well, sorta undomesticated. They live on our campus, and wander around eeeeverywhere like they own the place. They are pretty startling!

    Jennifer: I know, I've been really busy and bad about checking blogs lately too :( Quite understandable!

    Be: Mostly the deer aren't so friendly either! And kangaroos sound so cute! (Picturing Kanga from Pooh...)

  5. wow - they are so afraid of people in northern MN - like to tangle with cars but not humans. What an experience and to get cool.

  6. Oh my gosh!!! Dani that's SO awesome. P.S., cute shirt!

    ...I mean, when not eating mom's flowers.

  8. that's so weird.... deers on campus. O.O actually, thats pretty cool! hahah. =D soon you're gonna tell me that bunnies go up to you when you read.