Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Off to the land of the little horsies

Kindly ignore that the picture above is a beer ad. (Or not...far be it from me to prevent you from trying Pilsen Trujillo beer.)
This evening I'm off to that spot, the beach in Huanchaco near Trujillo. Yes, tonight I shall be in a tour bus aalll night. I'm interested to see whether I'll be able to sleep on the bus. (I have no hope if they play more Sylvester Stalone movies.)

Apparently those things above are called caballitos de totora, little horse of bulrush, literally. Although clearly the meaning wasn't meant literally, cause they look more like worms than horses.

But you can see how they got there.

Trujillo also claims to be the originators of ceviche, a famous fish cooked with lemon dish in Peru. I've been ordered to eat seafood while I'm there, though I've never been the biggest fan. When in Rome....

Probably won't be updating until next Monday then, so I'll see you all later!


  1. Have tons of fun....and do post pictures...

  2. Also, bring back some of that beer.

  3. Woah... I'm confused. I totally posted on this post earlier telling you that you need to ride one of those boats and get a picture of that.. but it's not here anymore? In which case, you totally need to ride one of those boats and get a picture. =) And now, the "also" beginning my other comment makes sense.

  4. Gosh - they look fun. Have a great time. I like the name 'little horse of bulrush', it's a bit more poetic than 'raft' or 'canoe'.

  5. *gasp* my friend went there! It's suppose to be really beautiful! (although she said the water was evil...)

    I love long bus/plane/train trips, they are so enjoyable. I've never heard of Sylvester Salone, but I'm guessing he/she's good!

  6. Well, if they are the originators of ceviche, then muchos gracias to them.

    Ten dollars you get food poisoning again, from said dish.

    I'm sure it will be great fun either way :-D