Monday, February 28, 2011

Request denied

Dear nink2030,

I don't know you. I'm guessing you don't know me either. So I'm a little lost on why I've had to see your friend request from yahoo email on my school account every stinkin' time I've logged in for the past three weeks. THREE WEEKS.

Are you sitting around waiting until I reject you so you can request me again? Are you someone I met once? A computer virus? An ax-murderer? What will you do with your life once you no longer have me to bug? Can I pay you leave me alone? Or to yahoo-friend-request-torture my enemies?

Your hostile and irritated victim (seemingly forever),


  1. aww. now now, be patient.

    you've ONE person who's like that. I've 320+ friend requests of the same nature! Which is why I never look at my friend requests - which I admit, is a bad habit.

    BUT I no longer have FB. I've been FB-free for a month and a bit now. Wheee!

  2. It's not facebook! Somehow yahoo friend request keeps popping up on my email, blocking my messages and forcing me to deny him every time I get on!! It's gotta be some kinda automated thing. No one has that much time.

  3. So which is creepier: a real-life stalker who follows you as far as the public transit, or an online stalker who messages you excessively?

  4. hahaha....I do seem to have a lot of stalkers lately...i think it's a toss up