Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boring practicality vs. misdirected ingenuity

Another thrift store trip tonight, (I'm just crazy fun, right?) to a different one this time that was less of the sweater-with-the psychedelic-colors shop and more of the salmon-colored-chair-with-worn-edges-and-suspicious-stains variety.

Went in looking for: brown sweater, some kind of piece of furniture to replace ugly gray cabinet in my room.

Came out with: Ecru tatting thread, kettle, coffee grinder

But hey, those are all practical, right? AND great deals too. It's all win here.

There were, however, a bunch of things that I could not understand.

Exhibit A:

Keeps your butter at room temperature. Never again will you have to set your butter out in a room to keep it at room temperature.

You're just jealous cause you didn't think of it first.

But yo, I chuckled when it was 8 dollars. It's currently 60 bucks on the website of ButterWizard, where I got this photo. So get in line, ducklings.


  1. That is weird, personally I just keep my butter in the fridge and only throw it out when strange little white fuzz balls start growing on it.
    I think I still have a three-year-old strawberry jam in there somewhere. Yum :)

  2. I think I would have bought the butter thing just because.

  3. my mom always finds the craziest kitchen gadgets...I better not tell her about this one, or I promise it would be on our table after she shelled out the full $60 ;) have a great weekend, my dear! thanks for stopping by....don't forget about my giveaway! make sure you've got your name in the pot as many times as you can before noon on Sunday! xoxo {av}

  4. love the butter thingy...I am a thrift store junkie so I totally get the excitement and walking out with treasures unrelated to original hunt.

  5. We don't have butter! :'( But if we did - I'd damn well pay £60 to keep it al room temperature. B)

  6. I'm a new follower-love this post! Thank goodness we no longer have to leave butter out at room temperature to make it room temperature!