Monday, February 14, 2011

The more Valentines the merrier

Yay Valentine's Day! I know that according to every TV show and movie I've ever watched, if you're single on Valentine's you're either supposed to be belligerently defiant to the holiday's commercialism or alone and depressingly overeating to compensate for your lack of partner.

But honestly, I've never much thought of Valentine's Day as strictly a couple's holiday. Maybe it was the sort of unspoken policy we had in elementary school about giving Valentines even to the weird kid, or maybe it's the way my Mom always puts on a big color-specific dinner, complete with little gift bags (which I was present for for the first time in a few years!)

But, whatever it is, I was more than happy to eat red-colored food and make Valentines for my family this year. Even my weird brother, who just kind of glanced at the poem I wrote in his.

"Did you read that?" Bashful you-caught-me smile from him. "I spent a lot of time writing that so you're going to read it all!"

He loves me.

The cards:
The brother:
Oh wait, that's his hand stopping me from taking our picture.


  1. I think Valentine's Day is for everyone too...I made and handed out cards to my Curves friends! Lots of fun and glitter everywhere! Woo hoo!

    Sounds like you had a great day too!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Dani!

  2. I'm so glad you feel that way too! I always think it sucks when people get in bad moods just because it's Valentines' Day.

  3. I agree - nice to be around family and friends, share the love and make it fun!

  4. I agree with you....I used to celebrate V Day with my friends while back in college...and we used to have fun...

  5. It is wonderful to see what you learned in elemetary school is still influencing your actions today.

  6. Ahhh I have been neglecting the blogosphere recently but this post cheered me up very much, I am sorry for not commenting but happy valentines day!