Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fake, self-conscious sexiness

Have you ever worn fake eyelashes? I haven't. Never. Ever. I don't even wear black mascara For the simple reason that I was pretty sure really dark eyelashes would make me look like I could hang out with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Turns out I was right.

This is my new sexy face. It's a keeper, huh?

My friend convinced me to put these cheap beauties on and then promised to pay for my dinner if I went out with them. It was pretty much like: Oh my gosh. Everyone's staring at me! Where's the corner? Sit in the corner! I can't believe you talked me into this.


  1. They look a little odd in the close-up, but they don't seem bad at all in the sexy face picture.

  2. actually, your sexy face wasn't half bad!! you're pretty. yeesh, no need for fake eyelashes. I've the SHORTEST eyelashes ever cos of my chinese ancestry. siiigh.

  3. haha, let me assure you all...they were was in no way a serious trial of fake eyelashes!

  4. Ahhh what a hilarious post :')
    Really lifts the spirits, I'm a firm believer in a natural beauty. And you have it in abundance dear.

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  6. Your sexy face *is* a keeper.

    I LOVE fake eyelashes and I wear them usually about once every two months for really special occasions. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.

    They are a pain in the you know what to put on though and sometimes I get glue in my eyes *fail*

  7. I have never worn fake eyelashes either...I am always tempted on special occasions, like I don't know, say Halloween but then I am afraid they will make me look whoreish. You don't look whoreish with yours on. Did you feel whoreish though?

  8. Cjuen, RS, Bonnie, and Stocker: You all are too kind...which might mean that these pics don't accurately portray how truly horrific they looked.

    Caroline: The jokes about "my night job" were flying, let me tell you. Although one eye was droopier than the other, so I felt that though people might think I was a whore, they may at least think I was a very inexperienced one.

  9. Annah: Kudos to you for rocking the fake eyelashes! I'm sure you do it up much classier!

  10. I dont wear makeup at all because I'm always rubbing my eyes and then it just makes me look like a drug addict or I went a cried somewhere.
    The eyelashes dont look that bad and I bet everyone was just staring at you because of you 'awesome' sexy face. :D

  11. lol...really? It looked okay to me...

  12. no! you look fine. i love fake eyelashes...looooove them.

  13. LOL AS YOUR SISTER I am allowed to tell you lovingly that they do indeed look terrible X-D
    You need a darker shade of hair first, I think.