Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tips for your flight to Peru

It's imminent, I'm sure.

1. Meet a nice Peruvian family with rambunctious children whom you can save from traumatizing loss and/or electrocution in in an international airport, thus practicing your Spanish and feeling like a superhero all at the same time.

2. Remember the time difference between your place of departure and your layover city so you don't run through the airport in a panic.

3. Sit next to a nice Puerto Rican guy on the plane with whom you should definitely watch The King's Speech. It's excellent.

4. Know your host parents' address so if your plane is slightly delayed you don't have to worry they won't be there and start to imagine how you might apologize to the program director when you wake her in the middle of the night.

5. Sleeeep afterward. But wake up for the earthquake, cause that was cool.


  1. Oh dear Peru. How I miss your great Chaos. It definitely sounds like you are back

    PS Dani.....that was awful of you - We truly need more details

  2. a teaser perhaps of what's to come??? Glad you are wheels down safely.

  3. Sounds like someone had fun, and it was so nice of you to help that family!
    And although an Earthquake doesn't seem so pleasing you make me want one to happen RIGHT NOW!!