Sunday, February 27, 2011

thank goodness I'm already orientated

I've been helping out with the CIEE orientation over these past couple days (by which I of course mean eating their food and insisting they hang out with me) and it's really reminded me how far I've come in this country. I can feel at ease in the streets, I can carry on a great conversation with my host family in which I understand 90- 100% of what's being said, I can go to a new place in Lima by myself. I don't think I fully appreciated those accomplishments at the end of last semester, but I have to admit that it was great to be reminded.

You may have noticed, due to my last post, that this experience is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Sit tight.

Chocolate chip cookies and Oscar party with my lovely friend Francesca tonight. I don't even know the nominees, but I'm really excited to see the pretty lights and colors. What can I say?


  1. You're becoming a bit of a role model to me Dani, no word of a lie. Keep blogging, I'll keep being inspired. :)

  2. Pretty bed-spread.

    Congradulations on managing the 90-100% of understanding Spanish, that is awesome to be able to fluently speak another language. Also on walking the streets on yuor own in another country, I wouldn't be able to do that in fear of someone speaking to me or getting lost.
    (last time I did that, I got lost, very embarrassing)

  3. Stocker: You are so sweet! You are inspiring too. Keep it up.

    Be: You could if you spent 6 months there before!