Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girl avoiding boys

Tell me if this is weird:

Girl, clearly very white and American, is standing looking up her books on the library computer. Boy, shorter than her (which is hard to do) clearly very Peruvian uses a computer next to her. They move to the desk to ask for their books and he asks her about them and they start chatting a little.

Upon discovering that she very adeptly went to the wrong library, Girl heads to the next. He follows. She thinks Boy needs to get books out of that library too. He doesn't.

She heads towards the exit of the University, he does too. Boy says he needs to take a micro; Girl says she's going to walk. He follows. He hints at taking her places several times. She dodges. The conversation is running out. It's awkward.

Finally she tells him they need to part because she needs to go in the Metro. Boy, perhaps being more sensitive than he's demonstrated thus far, does not ask for any information about her, and Girl doesn't give it.

Girl thinks she needs to stop making conversation with random boys on campus.

On the upside, girl has done/seen these exciting things in the last few days:


  1. yaay, a blog post.

    btw, this is totally random. While I was on assignment at Canterbury, this caucasian girl came up to me and started asking me whether I've experienced miracles of prayers and whether I even prayed to begin with.

    We had like a looong conversation on Jesus, the hereafter and where I come from. in the middle of the convo she asked me what religion me and my friend was, 'I said that I'm Muslim, and he's Christian'.

    'OMG you're Muslim!' - in a surprised but not negative tone.

    In the end I asked her where she was from. She's from somewhere near California.

    HAH! I JUST KNEW IT! I knew she was American, I've no idea why. Actually, its cos Brits are very secular. Most of my coursemates are Atheist.

    This is a very long comment ain't it? Anyway, that girl just reminded me of you somehow. =/ the face... similar. =) and she was rather smiley which is kind of how I imagine you to be. =)

  2. sounds harmless but you never know so be alert! When do you start classes?

  3. RS: Didn't you know she was American from her accent?
    And yay! People remind you of me! Even though you've never met me...it's still cool ;)

    Bonnie: Classes start in a few weeks. I know, a ways to go yet!

  4. She didn't have a PROMINENT American twang in her speech. But she definitely had no British accent to begin with so I knew she had to be American. But there aren't thaat many Americans studying in England so yeah, wasn't too sure. =p

    You should come to Malaysia one day! =) Then I can see you for real. Or I could go to wherever you are. Hehe.

  5. You need to stop making random conversation with creepy Peruvian boys. Also I'm EXTREMELY jealous that you saw ELICIA!

  6. HAHAHAHA. Blogpost needs a 'like' button. X-D

  7. Sounds kind of weird...it's best to be cautious.
    I love the pictures of the ocean. Looks like a great time!