Thursday, February 10, 2011

Improvising perfect vision

I stepped on my glasses yesterday morning, and they broke right down the middle.

I have THE WORST track record with glasses. Seriously, don't challenge me chickadee. These lasted about a year and a half, and if you know me personally you're congratulating me right now that I made it that long.

On the upside, I lost a contact for a few minutes this morning, so the situation was really ideal:

Ah! Just like the day I was born.

Also, you may remember my best friend Mel, who has appeared many times already in this blog:
Snowy day, trip to NYC, her own 20th B-day.

She now has her own delightful blog, which I hesitate to put a link to in fear that you will all discover that she is prettier, funnier, cleverer (more clever?), and hipper than me:

The Fruit Bowl.

Oh well. Maybe I'll still see you over there sometime.


  1. Your poor glasses! =( Tape them in the middle, nerd.

  2. I first got my glasses when I was 8. Yes, EIGHT. Bad eyesight runs in my family.

    For my first 3-4 years wearing glasses, it was a disaster. I broke my glasses in my sleep, I sat on it while trying to find it, dropped it countless of times on the floor... yeahh. u get the gist of it.

    but I'm BETTER NOW. Disasters happen to my glasses only every 10months which is a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!

  3. I can't seem to reply to your msg. It says the email address u gave me does not exist! is it complete??

  4. I hear monocles are making a comeback.

  5. Trish: oh, you don't want to hear about the nerdy ways I've used tape for glasses. Let's just say, my driver's license picture is just about the most embarrassing thing in my possession.

    RS: YAY! Someone else who has trouble with glasses. I'm so relieved I'm not a species of my own.

    Holly: Oh yeah...I started that. (along with the sexy)

  6. Cool, I'm definately going to check out that blog :)

    And just a random question: do you sometimes find yourself so attached to a certain object that you give it a name and feel really sad when you have to part with it? Just wondering...

  7. Oh shucks, Dani! I am so not prettier, cleverer, or funnier than you. Hipper, maybe. But that's definitely all.

    Did the sarcasm come through there? I don't want people thinking I'm an emotionally abusive friend.

    I'm so sorry about your glasses :( But you look hottt in that picture!

    And seriously, that's very sweet of you.

  8. Be: Toy Story 3 has gotten to you, hasn't it? We will all become horrific hoarders because of that show.

    Mel: The world should know the truth about your emotional abuse. And thanks :)