Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birthday wishes which could be my last....

Today I’m scrambling to get as much homework done as possible (eeerrr...then what was that three hour nap all about Dani?) before heading off tomorrow to fly in some dangerous aircraft and board over a less-than-water-like substance. (clue: it reputedly has lots of GLASS in it. yeah.)

Which means I’ll be away for a few days and won’t have a chance to wish my very dear friend Melissa a happy birthday on the 13th.

And I'm also working with a card which might be just in time to bring Christmas greetings... Can this be remedied? Maybe if I tell you all:

I used to steer clear of the title “best friend” like the plague, cause I was always afraid to offend someone by putting someone else on a higher friend-level than them. (What...tell me you don’t want to be my best friend...) But while I have more fantastic, close friends than I deserve, I’m gonna go out on a limb and finally name Melissa to this long sought after title. (AWWWW...sniff)

To prove it, three random facts I know about her that you probably don’t (accompanied by pics of when we were cute little freshman, since that seems to be the time we took all pics?):

1)When she is working hard on something she types like the computer hit her first. (But I’ve seen her work harder and with more concentration than anyone else I know)

2) She once thought that salt couldn’t be in cookies and cranberry sauce only existed in can-shaped form. (But since then her cooking and baking skills have become creative, beautiful, and apparently delicious. I confess that I've been away through most of them and can't personally attest to that last one.)

3) If she bought something and it’s in her closet it must be worn though she despise it. She's an equal opportunity dresser, as it were. (But she’s my most stylish friend.)

Oooor maybe I just put myself even more in the doghouse with this whole bit. But what I really wants to say is it's a privilege to call myself your friend, my dear. Happy Birthday!

Follow this link for a fantastic singer and fantastic, laid back song dedicated to Mel’s birthday. (She’s the one who first turned me on to Ray LaMontagne, and I owe her big time for that…)

Oh, I'm thinking of just changing my title to Untraveled Worlds. Opinions? They say your title should relate directly to your subject and not be all tricky or clever.


  1. I don't know who "they" are but fading margins is very hipster and untraveled worlds is a little tackster. so fade away. (it's weird when one colloquialism becomes another like that. Like, "[insert verb here] away" is one, and "to fade away" is another.

  2. i actually totally followed you on that comment...woah :)