Friday, November 19, 2010

No honey bunches, but it could save the world

I love breakfast cereal. At home, Massachusetts home and Pennsylvania home, I stock what I like to think of as "grown-up cereals." You know, the really fancy and kind of pompous ones that contain 5 different nuts and dried fruits from 10 different countries and do not put mazes on the back or prizes inside. (which is a real shame....) I need nutrition and an ego boost to get me going in the morning.

In Peru, those cereals are generally imported and "costosos," and I couldn't justify it. (But you could justify spending $40 to have chocolate chips and peanut butter shipped to you? I choose my battles.) Also couldn't convince myself to go native and have a ham sandwich. So I buy the cheapies and mix them together.

It's really not bad. I like them.
For a kilo for about 3 bucks, I like them even more. AND though no mazes, I can read about the adventures of Angel Mel, Angel Chock, Angel Zock, and Angel Flakes. They save planet Without-Flavor from the evil villain Such-Wickedness who makes food boring.

And aren't they cute?

But I think Captain Crunch could take 'em.

Have a great weekend!!

Wow. Put this up a couple hours ago and just realized I mispelled "honey." IN THE TITLE!! Clearly, my brain only has room for one language.


  1. "Verdadera nutricion!" Y llenita de energia, con 200% de tu azucar diario recomendado!

    I dunno, looks like that angel's been lifting his weights...

  2. Aaaactually, there's not much sugar in this one. C'mon now, gimme some credit! I mix in with another sweeter one for that.

    Well, I'm sure the evil Tal-Maldad is no joke. Train train train,

  3. Angel Mel! I'm watching over you even in Peru.

  4. A ham sandwich sounds good to me.

  5. Angel Mel!! I didn't think of it.

    If you're a fan of ham sandwiches you should come to Peru. It's everywhere.