Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How many times before I'm a regular?

That's the name of my favorite restaurant in Peru, Magdalena del Mar. If you’re reading this and you're here too, you should go. If you’re not, you should envy me that I can go.

Some of the reasons I like it:

No one shouts at me and ropes me in like cattle outside the door.

The service is the correct balance between nowhere-in-sight and fogging–up-my-glasses.

The food reminds me of the Olive Garden, but better. (You better not be hating on the Olive Garden in your head right now…)

They play soothing Italian opera quietly in the background.

I realize after almost all of these statements I could add “like my favorite restaurants in the States.” But don’t lie, you too sat in the same place everyday in high school EVEN AFTER the teacher stopped assigning seats, didn’t you?

Always onion bread before my meal! FREE! And I get the same cappuccino every time.


  1. Can you bring some home to your parents in your suitcase?
    Guess Who?

  2. I don't care for the sterile ones. I like the little almuerzo place near the school with the cramped seating and hot waiter; and the Indian restaurant with the dim lighting, blaring Bolleywood, and informality. :-)

    "Da Mario" is probably the best name ever.