Monday, November 29, 2010

Lima's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

...everywhere you go. But especially Wong Supermarket, Starbucks, Ripley's Department Store, and any other places rich enough to buy big expensive decorations:

(left) This is what they make hot chocolate out of. I naively thought you just break off a corner, melt it in some hot water, and poof! There's actually some milk and pots and boiling and time involved. That's why it's still on my shelf.
(right) Christmas queso anyone?

(left) Reindeer down! Thank goodness Santa makes us wear these construction hats on the job.
(right)I'm still getting used to the whole Christmas in summer deal. Forgive me those of you who can be all "Oh hum drum, I see that every year!"

(left) Starbucks' sign with classic "Friends are like snowflakes..." quote. Not sure it works when the only snowflakes around here seem to be (right). Which don't look so unique.

(left) San Isidro across from a synagogue. Possibly the only place it also looks a lot like Hanukkah. Although we seem to have an electrical problem. (right) Door in the building I volunteer in. Probably my front door in Pennsylvania home looks similar right now...sigh....

Happy holiday preparation time!


  1. Hello Ducklings, thanks again for your comment of my blog! This is the right blog to follow, right?

    I have to admit that I hate that the shops and city centers are decorated so soon. It kills all the holidays spirit for me :/ But I don't have much choice, do I?

    You're welcome to follow my blog and comment my writing. Constructive criticism is always welcome:

  2. not sure where my comments are going - it is snowing here in MN so they might be out my window in the snowbank. Love your colorful! I've never spent winter in the warm - snowbirds have already flown south. I like it here in the winter...a break from gardening!! Will read more posts...

  3. In Quito, Supermaxi put up a giant tree with giant ornaments, most of them saying "Oreo", complete with logo. It was still awesome.

    ...if I post this comment with my Google account, can I avoid typing in the stupid word?

  4. do you get to go home for Christmas?? i can't imagine experiencing Christmastime in the warm weather! must be quite an experience.

  5. Starlight: Yes, you're in the right place! Yeah, October is a bit early, but I'd say after Thanksgiving for me is completely justifiable.

    Bonnie: Thanks so much for coming! I envy your snow.

    Marie: I think the stupid word is stupidly unavoidable.

    Jenni: I will get to go home for Christmas. Thank goodness! I went to Florida once for Christmas and I felt like someone robbed me of the holiday.