Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inspiration strikes on the micro

Hullo ducklings! I was all set to post something else, but that will wait. Just just now I'm really excited about my ride home on the micro today.

This evening I was, as always, listening to my own singer/songwriter music on the micro (shamelessly un-culturally authentic of you Dani!) when I heard someone singing, singing really well, and playing guitar inside the micro.

Out of habit, I tried to look like I was ignoring him at first. Left my headphones in on pause, didn't make eye contact. But eventually I gave up that facade, and even unwisely whipped out my camera to take the above really bad, oh-so-subtle picture of the guy. Cause he was really, really good. He said he was a student, and making money to pay for his education. I believed him.

And what's more, I was excited to see that everyone else seemed to believe him and think he was a talent too. He was complimented left and right as he walked down the aisle and I think one woman even took his info.

And for a moment it felt like we were a little community of student-with-guitar-admirers, and I got off the bus feeling like the city was a little friendlier.


  1. Ah, the public transportation entertainment. I always gave money to the performers, even though they were never students. It takes skill to simultateously play the pan flute, the guitar, and sing. And they get extra if they're young Quechuan men with those beautiful faces and black hair pulled back in a ponytail ;-)

  2. I think we had very different experiences in way of micro entertainers....