Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bring on the Peruvian blond jokes

Okay, I don´t know if those actually exist. But apparently if they did, I would be open game.

For all you non-Spanish speakers, literally: pelirroja=redhead, rubia=blond

My hair used to be a much lighter red, and I've since dyed it. A good move, in my completely objective opinion. (Sorry Mom...) I would still, however, give myself the distinguished title of redhead.

So I was a little thrown off when my Peruvian friends were like, ¨I saw that picture of you on facebook, and you used to be a pelirroja! But I like you as a rubia better."


But I guess it does make some sense. Not too many people have lighter hair around here. Meh, just call 'em all one thing.

The perpetrating picture from an old family photo, which makes my hair look insanely red.

Luck and love to all you who are studying hard for exams!

PS. If you're Peruvian and can confirm or deny blond jokes, let me know in comments!


  1. LOL.
    By the way, I'm on mom's side on this one...

  2. Do they seriously call your hair rubia? Not marón? Anyway, I am all for dying of red hair. As a fellow distinguished redhead I too wish to dye my hair.

    As for the jokes... for whatever it's worth, the best I encountered in that area was "You're so stupid..." jokes. I did explain to some the stereotypes of blondes being dumb... but they didn't get it.

    But as a side note... gay peruvians often dye their hair red. Sad. I know.

  3. Ahhh! Good to know. I suppose the proverbial dumb blond really doesn't translate so well here.