Monday, November 22, 2010

A spring correspondence

Dear Dani,

Recently it has been brought to our attention that you are suffering severely from a lack of New England's blustery thunderstorms that let you wear those cute, artsy rainboots, trees whose autumn clothing carpet the roads with flaming reds and oranges, and chilly days in which you catch that first scent of the coming snowfall.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide any of the above features at this time. We would, however, like to offer you in consolation a beautiful Peruvian spring day. Please advise us if there is anything further with which we can assist you.

La Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru

Dear Catolica,

While I was skeptical of the fairness of the exchange at first, after a day of frolicking though the gently warming sun, vibrant blooms that look like they might burst off the trees, and the odd-looking squirrels darting secret agent-like across the paths, I accept.

Thanks for your accommodation.


P.S I'll also be needing a replacement for Black Friday.

1 comment:

  1. Black Friday, eh? I think you can be consumeristic no matter what continent you live on. hehehe....