Wednesday, November 17, 2010

traffic-lovers and other mysteries

Most strangeness in Lima is connected with some larger, interconnected phenomenon of strange. These little buggers don't seem to be:

Why do all salespeople put your change on a little tray instead of in your hand?

Why do the maintenance men carry all their equipment in huge cages on the front of a bike? (Maybe the better question is why we haven't come up with that genius little contraption?)

Why don't the office supply stores have regular folders? (You know, your basic cardboard with two pouches on either side? Nonexistent.)

Why do Peruvians seem to have less qualms about picking their noses in public? (If we pick, do we not bleed?)

And finally....

Why don't more people get out of the buses and WALK when traffic is bumper to bumper for miles every night? Seriously! I've seen people get on behind traffic. I walk at least 6 blocks on Javier Prado every day and stroll on nearly empty sidewalks by dozens of packed micros.

If you figure these out, you let me know.

P.S. I realize "strange" is a relative term. I've met quite a few Peruvians who are fascinated by the concept of eating Chinese food from a box. "Just like the movies!"

Some other mysteries I've solved, can you?:

No, you're right. Nescafe's still a mystery.


  1. Again, I am procrastinating instead of doing my paper that was due last tuesday. So I have decided to read your blog. It is hilarious Dani. You are a really good writer.

    And I have totally noticed that about Peruvians and picking their nose. They don't even try to disguise what they are doing. Jajaja

  2. I've developed occasional craving for Nescafe in milk. No lie.


    Oh, and I heard somewhere that there are some European countries where touching someone's hand when handing back change is bad etiquette. Maybe it's the same here?

  3. Beth, aaand I´ve seen them pick in more sensitive when speaking in front of a class perhaps. Hey, no judgement. It happens, why try to deny it, right?

    Marie, oh yeah, Disney princesses = BIG DEAL here among little girls. I would place that mystery along side of all the drawings of little white children on the daycare center walls. I dunno, if I was a parent....