Monday, March 14, 2011

The Tube of Me: Brigitte Dale

You know you love these! Or at least, I know I love when you have to listen to my opinion. Whenever I get around to sharing a channel with you I always wonder why I don't do them more often... (Hint: It may have something to do with my bad memory...)

Brigitte Dale is possibly the oldest of my vlog followees, mostly because I think I actually started to watch her in high school when she was doing vlogs for ABC family. When the only thing I could load to our charming dial-up internet was tiny little clips.

I love her because she's cute and smart and witty, and often talks about actual news or her real life with good insight. I feel sorta like we could be friends. Little inflated opinion of myself? The above is kinda an exception to that rule (the real life rule, not the friends rule), but I wanted to share it cause it's one of my favorites, and a good example of her kind of self-mocking, dry sense of humor. The absolute worst thing you could do here, ducklings, is take the above clip seriously! She does sometimes offer advice to listeners. This is not one of those times.

I also recommend: In defense of e-stalking, Human bedwarmers at Holiday Inn, and winky ha ha.

Yes, I may have just spelled her name wrong in the title when I first published. Why the heck is "Brigitte" so hard to spell? It's like "occasion"... I never get it right the first time.

Thank you for watching this edition of The Tube of Me, sponsored by the ample amount of free time Dani has before her classwork kicks in.


  1. Thank you for sharing that with us! It has just expanded my knowledge, entertained me for the rest of the day and really, really made me want to start a vlog of my own. (But I wont because uploading and making your hair look okay is a pain).
    I love vlogs/blogs like this (and yours, of course) so I definately going to have to tune into hers!

  2. Hey! You should start your own vlog! That'll be awesome :D

  3. "B-r-y-o-b-n-the number seven-the letter Q!"

  4. Be: Yeaaahh...I'm definitely much better in print than in person. Never tempted me.

    Marie: But he's not a vlog, you see, so that could betray the very integrity of this fine series.

    "You know Billy? Oh, okay. You know how his arm usually... usually it would bend like that?"