Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 things that made me smile today

1. this kid's infectious laugh and obvious love of making other people happy. I dare you not to be when you hear him.

2. the easter package my dearest mother sent me, which arrived today

3. the delicious lomo saltado we had for lunch (with fish nonetheless! holla if you know that's strange)

4. the girl at the counter in Starbucks who knew I'd gotten an oatmeal raisin cookie before, and commented that I must love them

5. the guy next to me who offered to throw away my banana peel in exchange for guarding his backpack for a second

6. the way the same guy angrily slammed the window shut when a drumline started playing outside, and the window stubbornly bounced back open

7. This beautiful giveaway from tree & kimball that Bridget's got going on over here at tales of me and the husband

8. my Dad's proposition that I open a casino in which slot machine customers might still have the immense satisfaction of pulling a lever, not pushing a button

9. being productive for 4 hours straight this evening

10. knowing that I have friends who still love me though I've been tired and pissy and emotional lately

I've decided that this is the best way to pull myself out of a funk, remembering that the little things are what makes a life.

What made you smile today?


  1. good to see that you had 10 things making ya happy today! A package from home always makes the day happy I think!

  2. The Daily Maxine Calendar comic for today:
    "The last time I sprang into action was when my recliner malfunctioned."

  3. that child! i want him to be my child.

  4. Marie: heehee. You get daily Maxine?

    Jenni: I know, right? Don´t you just want to eat him up?

  5. "knowing that I have friends who still love me though I've been tired and pissy and emotional lately"

    I love people like that, who put up with their friends being tired and emotional and not pleasant people and continue to call them friends despite the pissy emotional stuff.