Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tears, chocolate, and drugs

When I woke up this morning, I felt oddly tired and listless. So I put in my ipod, I listened to this song by Sara Bareilles called "Between the Lines," and I cried.

No, the song has nothing to do with any situation I've faced in the past or face presently. It's just a saddish song. And it just made me feel saddish. So I just cried. At 7:30 AM. About nothing.

So it was obviously going to be a good day.

Turns out that I'm slightly sick. So let's blame it on that. (And if there are any guys out there who even dare to think "PMS" I'm going to reach through the screen and clobber you right now.)

If you were here during my last sickness, you'll recall that I became much closer with Floor than with Bed. But bed has been much kinder to slightly sick Dani. This afternoon it consisted of:

And I've got a three hour class yet to come. Yay.

It's also a shame that in Peru you get typical sick questions like "Well, did you eat anything cold yesterday?" when you feel the least tolerant of cultural difference. (Me: "I don't think that causes you to get a cold!" Host Mom laughs at my poor self, still unwise to the ways of the world.)

Sorry for the few days I haven't been on here. I know it disrupted your life routine irreparably, and you've been walking around feeling slightly agitated for days. But you see, it was my computers fault. She felt a little sick as well.

Hope your weekend was lovely nonetheless.


  1. Aww! Poor baby! I'm sorry you feel sick. It makes it worse being sick in a foreign country. Maybe it's just me, but crying when sick makes total sense to me. I cry and then I throw up.

    Oddly enough I have the same symptoms when I get really, really drunk.

    Sooo, let me get this straight... ice cream could make you sick??! Nonono. Ice cream has well documented healing powers. Particularly Rocky Road.

  2. aww, get well soon dear! well, the only way to recover from a cold is to WRAP yourself up. always wash your hands. take plenty of vitamin C. apparently horseradish supplements do wonders. get plenty of rest. CHICKEN SOUP!

    Will be praying for your swift recovery. =) Btw your comment on my blog left me laughing! you're too funny sometimes. =p

  3. Holly: teehee. I haven't gotten to the throwing up part. I haven't quite honed my skills there.

    And I know, ice cream when your sick, right? These poor Peruvians don't know what they're missing.

    RS: Thanks for all your care! They all sound good except the horseradish...I think I would have to be much more sick to try that.

  4. i love the photo and the labels!

    and of course i love the cultural differences.

    aaaand i loved your comment on my blog. because i can totally, TOTALLY relate. as you know.