Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wisdom from the wall

I heard a celebrity singer say once (nah, it doesn't matter which one...or I just don't remember) that when she's on tour, moving from hotel to hotel, she likes to carry the same things around with her to make each place feel like home. Decorations, photos, personal items etc.

So that's one solid thing almost all college students have in common with celebrities.

I lived in three different rooms through my first two years of college, and I've lived in three different rooms while I've been here in Peru. The above "The Greatest of these is LOVE" poster has hung in every one of them.

It's worn and folded and torn in several places, but it's definitely gonna make it at least another year, if I have to tape it ten more times. I can't say the book or even the full verse (Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love) have been life-long favorites or anything. That might make this a sweeter, more profound reflection.

But somehow those 6 words, when isolated from everything around them, have always come down to me from their perch on the wall as a pervading simplicity in what is generally a very confusing world.

When all else falls into gray, I know at least one thing.

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  1. Love your blog Dani! I just started one for the first time when I came to Lima...I thought it would force me to practice my writing, though it hasn't much. Any tips for a first time blogger? I'm at http://thirtyseven37.blogspot.com/