Monday, April 25, 2011

Well, nieto, it happened at Starbucks...

Have you ever been in a restaurant, or any public place, seen a couple near you, and thought, "I think we're witnessing a first date here!"

I love it when that happens. Love it to pieces. I whisper, giggle, eavesdrop. And apparently, subtly take pictures:
She's: a little shy and unsure, laughing at all his jokes, touching herself too much, not really interested in her drink

He's: talking a little too much, trying to be funny, leaning in toward her

They: go over typical get-to-know you questions, don't yet have inside jokes, can't quite tease or criticize, but are eager to joke and laugh

Smile. I was silently sending them good luck.

Kara: What are you taking pictures of?

This was at the Starbucks the other day when we were studying...trying to study. We're there at least once a week, with our drinks and cookies. It's a good get out of the house meeting place.

And plus, we're the cool kids there. The barristas know us, smile when we come up to the counter. Yesterday the one kid even remembered we'd been there last Thursday as well. I think the security guard would protect us first....

PS. "Nieto" is grandson.


  1. I love trying to build a whole romance around people I've never met or spoken to. I hope it works out for the couple you were watching!

  2. Sharon: Right? It's like writing a story, but your characters are real, and right in front of you.