Friday, April 8, 2011

Did you see that guy?

My friend Kara and I seem to have a lot of conversations that start off with her saying something like that, and end up something like this one did yesterday:
Me: ¨What? No. Where? What guy?¨

¨There was a guy sitting in the back of the micro licking his lips at you

¨No...I didn´t. And I´m sure he wasn´t licking his lips at me, Kara. He probably just happened to be licking his lips... while he was looking at me.¨


¨And what is this anyway, how are you always seeing these guys?¨

¨How are you always not seeing these guys?¨

¨I prefer to be oblivious...I only notice the ones that wave bananas at me and say ´De este tamano.¨ We laugh, cause this actually happened. Hint: tamano (with the squiggle over the n) means ¨size.¨ Google translate that.

Eh, we might bring it on ourselves by talking and laughing loudly in English in the street...except for the banana. That I did nothing to deserve.
Happy Friday!

No pics today, cause my laptop is currently down. Boo. Exactly what I needed. Aaaand this family computer will not put spaces in between these lines...sorry...I´ll fix that later.

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  1. hahah. I tend to have similar conversations with my gals as well. ;p