Thursday, December 23, 2010

All this food and more....

...that's what Christmas means to me my love.

A late trip to Shady Maple, the Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord tonight with the family. And for the unenlightened, a smorgasbord is a buffet to which some overzealous person kept adding food until it just got out of hand. Right now I'm feeling like I will never eat anything ever again.

As it should be.

First a trip to the gift shop:
Do you love this? I love it.
A pastor said in a sermon once that it was no coincidence that Santa had the same letters as Satan, and I could never look at him the same again.

Lovely Yankee candles with Christmas scents.

Now to the main event:
This might be about a fourth of the dining room.

About the same amount of the buffet.

If you don't know what this is, then you're definitely not Pennsylvanian Dutch.

Round 1: Roll with apple butter, autumn pumpkin soup, chili, coffee, cranberry juice.

Dinner Convo: Dad: "So, do you think the people here are more overweight than the general population?
>>>>>>>>>>Me: "It's difficult to tell. Maybe we should take a poll."

Round 2: Redbeet egg, buttered noodles, eggroll, baked lima beans, chicken cordon bleu wedge, baked sweet potato.

Dinner Convo: Dad: "If you take food out of here they can get you for shoplifting.
>>>>>>>>>>Me: "Really?"
>>>>>>>>>>Mom: "Yeah, they search your pockets and pat you down when you leave."

Round Three: Shoofly pie. This will also be on the Mennonite test. Right after: What is "Mennonite?"

Dinner Convo: Dad: "Aw man, I'm already almost full. Not like the good old days, when we used to come and eat ourselves sick. I just can't eat like I used too."

Round 4: Ice cream, apple crisp, egg custard, fig and date pudding.

Round 4 defeats me.

I know, a poor showing on my part. I'll do better next time coach.

Hey, look at the time. It's Christmas Eve!


  1. Yankee candles are the best! Wish they were cheaper so I could buy them! Haha. And yum apple crisp. Merry Christmas, Dani!

  2. Your sounds like he says silly things like my father and I love Yankee candles a little to much.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Happy Hols! Apple butter I have heard of (and ingested large quantities of), but what the heck is a red beet egg??

    Don't you love living in a place where a full plate from the buffet is like a meeting of the U.N.? All nationalities living in culinary harmony together...

    Yeesh. That pastor is a weirdo. Santa is also known as SAINT Nick, too, right? Was the pastor's name Stan A. by the way? If it was, he may have a hidden agenda.

  4. Apple butter and shoofly pie! HELL YEAH!

  5. Seems like you had me hungry for sure...:D Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Ah! Shady Maple! Good good food. These photos bring back memories. Thank you for a wonderful post :) Hope your Christmas was lovely!