Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bad cameras and insincere apologies

Dearest Blogees and Blogettes,

Dani has left the house! She is gallivanting around New York as she unapologetically warned (if she did apologize it was insincere) and has left the blogging in the hands of her dear dad. Or maybe I say delinquent dad since this is the first post. If she loved you as she claims she would have also warned you about this as well. So while this may not be up to the standards of a Daniellian post I promise you it will be better than washing dishes or vacuuming the floor or what ever else it is you should be doing but are passed off to someone else by telling them you had to check email because you were expecting a message from the doctor about your sick mother.
I know you are accustomed to being called Chickadees but I couldn't bring myself to say it fearing you all would consider me to be an internet stalker. There is something a little weird about a middle aged (No that is not stretching it! Middle aged is a very broad term!) man calling young people Chickadees.

Since you brought up the subject of my age I feel the need to clear up some confusion. You may have notice a picture of a gray hair man that Dani included some of the earlier posts. Some of you may have assumed to be Dani's dad. You would have been correct in that assumption but don't make assuming a habit. Since the podium is mine for this brief moment in time I will use my 15 minutes of fame (Ok maybe you can read faster than that or maybe you're skipping word, lines, paragraphs or this complete post) to set the record straight. That was a poor camera angle and bad lighting. This picture is much better.

I know what you are thinking but I am not Elvis' twin brother. I am so tired of answer that question. Admittedly the resemblence is uncanny but honestly we are not related. There! I feel much better now that it's off my chest.

Tomorrow being the last day of 2010 would be an excellent time to make a second post so until then.

Be safe, be well, behave!


  1. Anyone else think my Dad should start his own blog?
    Not cause I don't want him on mine...the opposite...

    This is Dani, by the way, the real one. Although, I have no way of proving that. In fact, now that he knows the password I will have no way of proving that ever again.

  2. Uh, hello... Dani's dad. *awkward silence*

  3. Dani,
    I totally we know where you got your writing skills.

  4. Yay Dad! Not a bad substitute and you should have your own blog!

    Happy New Year!


  5. Oh and Dani - we miss you? ya we do!

  6. Wow, Dani's dad. Loving the rhinestone jumpsuit. Is that your every day attire or just something special for nights out?

    Happy New Year to you both :)