Friday, December 17, 2010

The Tube of Me: VlogBrothers

Alright, so you may or may not realize that I'm a rather new blogling, but I've actually been following quite a few Vlogs on YouTube for a much longer time. And though I've never actually felt the least desire to be on the production end, I'm afraid my old friends the video blogs still have my heart. Settle down, settle down. Y'all will just have to kick it up a notch to compete.

And because I honestly get some good kicks out of this habit, I thought I'd take some time to share with you some of my favorites every now and again. My first series, in which you're forced to care about my opinion. Doesn't that sound fun?

I'm starting with VlogBrothers not only because I affectionately think of them as the sort of the cool big brothers of YouTube (I've always wanted an electronic older brother), but because today they start something called the Project 4 Awesome which you'll probably see if you go anywhere near the tube of you today.

It's basically a big day promoting different charity organizations, or, in the traditional VlogBrother way to phrase it, decreasing world suck. You can donate, promote, and otherwise educate yourself about a lot of different organizations. Score a million for those of us who say electronics are not quite the ruination of a new generation, right? (But we could exercise more, admittedly.)

On any normal day, the VlogBrothers John and Hank Green send each other (and their large following of "Nerdfighters," of which I'm now proudly a part) fun and intelligent videos about everything from giraffe reproduction to John's adorable son Henry to the French revolution.

I always get a good laugh out of them. And with all their connections, I see them as something of a "gateway vlog," if you will. But be warned: they're probably more addictive than weed. (Do I get in trouble for that? Ah well.)

Enjoy! (And maybe you'll even find it in your generous heart to go check out P4A and all their worthy causes. Guilt, guilt guilt.)

You won't see me around this weekend. I'm planning an internet fast. Except for email, probably, which is usually unwise to avoid for too long.


  1. Thanks for posting the links. I will check them out.

  2. Um... wow. I am totally and completely in love with that song. I've never checked out vlogs before but I fear I'm getting sucked in!

    (p.s.~ You definitely want to open your blog up to anonymous comments, right? 'Cause even though that's sketchy, then you'll get to allow name/url comments and that makes everyone happy. Or at least me happy. And my happiness counts, right?)


  3. I never really check out Vlogs. Mainly because I cant be bothered and I go to the library for internet and I dont want everybody watching me. But my friend did show me some pretty cool Vlogs before, I cant remember the names but it was a pertty awesome Vlog.

  4. SG: Good, thanks!

    Megan: As per your request, my dear, anonymous comments enabled. So now, you can...leave...comments....hey wait...
    But if I get a bunch of creeper comments, it's you I'll be referring them to.

    Be: Library would be a deterent. When I had to use comps in the University comp lab I felt like everyone was judging me when I checked facebook.