Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is this one gold or platinum?

My dearest blog readers/followers/acquaintances/mockers,

Happy slightly-longer-than-a-month anniversary! I love y'all. Truly, truly I do.

Are you saying it back? Well, this is awkward....

I love when you leave me glowing compliments telling me I'm the best blog you ever ever read and you can't imagine why I haven't accrued a thousand followers by now. I love when you nominate me for prestigious blog awards. I love when you send me large checks in the mail.

If you're not doing those things, you're behind your peers.

Actually what I love is that you all have great blogs as well (subtle hint that I'm great? of course!), and we can follow each other and get to know each other in this very odd, unconventional sort of way. Or at least it seems that way to my very boring conventional mind. My mom was looking at the comments yesterday saying, "Who's that?" And I said, "Another blogger." She responds, "You don't actually know them? That's sorta weird."

Yup. And awesome.

One request: Could you coordinate and stagger your visits so as to avoid really big spikes in my graphs that make all the other visit times look all pithy and pathetic?

When my secretary printed me the stats.

I still love ya, just ya know, all relationships take work.

But seriously, thanks kiddos. We've just begun.

Onward and upward,



  1. Hey there....those awesome comments make you feel all warm and nice, don't they....same here...it's as though I've known everyone for a long time...and hey, Congratulations... :)

  2. hehe...thanks caterpillar...I have received many nice compliments but I may have purposely exaggerated them just a tiny drastic bit :) And those last two were just bold-faced fabrications I'm afraid.

  3. Absolutely not. I will NOT stagger my views of your page. My new goal is to make your stats as awkward and unbalanced as possible. Thank you for giving me this sweet challenge. :)

    Also, let your mom know I said hi.

  4. I do love reading your blog. And I especially like saying my niece is the best blogger ever. And you are right, your followers should be in the thousands by now. And if I knew how to nominate you for awards I would. Guess I didn't even know they give awards to bloggers. Carry on with your blog and I'll carry on with my reading.

  5. Trish: You better watch out girl! I know where you blog.

    Aunt Rachel: I'm glad you you enjoy it! Feel free to spread that title around. ;)

  6. Haha, Dani, this post made me laugh, a lot. Much needed laughter. Thanks! And I agree, it's kind weird, but also very cool, to get to "know" fellow bloggers!

  7. i have just started into blogging and yours was the first comment i received...
    so thanks...
    i ll try my best to give you awesome stats... and definitely i shall vote for you..


  8. hahahah you are far too lame, my dear. and yes, you're the best blog I've ever seen in this whole wide universe. OMG WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS!!!

    but on a more serious note, I do enjoy reading your blog. =)

  9. I stopped reading stats a year or so ago, because I was always all, "OMG, how did I offend that reader in Sri Lanka so that they were only on for "005 seconds? Is it because I do not write in Sri Lankan? Should I learn Sri Lankan? Is Sri Lankan even a thing?" And I feel much better now.

    Thanks for the follow! Right back atcha.

  10. Happy one month (or so) anniversary! I look at the stats, but I don't really understand them : )

  11. I just saw my comment. I meant you HAVE not you ARE.

    Total brain fart right there.

  12. When I read this blog, as I do enjoy your unique perspective, my heart leap for joy... "YEESSS!" I thought, "My first follower and comment!" I was sadly mistaken, like a children receiving an empty box at Christmas. Keep blogging, I shall continue to follow regardless.

  13. Christine: Laughing is good. I'm glad to sacrifice my electronic self-respect to oblige.

    runawaybride: thanks for following! your story is way more interesting than mine, so I'm honored to have you here.

    RS: "No YOU have the best blog in the universe." "No you!" "No you!" "You!" "You!" ahem....that's how that scene went in my head. I am lame.

    LGBG: (Does acronym that sound like a 70s group? Or a pride march?) I laughed toooo hard over that comment. Cause it's true.

    LadyCat: why thank you. It was a milestone.

    Stocker: I just returned the visit! And let me advise everyone else to go as well.

    And if you're a follower who has a blog.... LET ME KNOW!!

  14. Haha you're so chipper and entertaining. I'm definitely following and coming back! I enjoy blog-y friends! ;D <3

  15. I don't really understand the stats so I just don't pay them any attention any more, but I read your blog because your sense of humor is marvelous! : )

  16. I didn't realize you'd only been blogging for a month. That's awesome! How did you get so many followers? I'm really jealous (but in a good, happy for you sort of way). :) Congrats!

  17. I obsessed with stats too. They are so interesting. I have a blog people still are looking at from this summer. It's always my top read. So weird!